Membership in Learning Forward Georgia is open to all with an interest in K-12 education. Our diverse membership includes classroom teachers, teacher leaders, instructional coaches, professional learning administrators, district administrators, state agency employees and consultants. 

Learning Forward Georgia membership benefits:

  • Conferences, Seminars, Institutes - Participate in professional learning events with recognized leaders in professional learning and education change at a reduced registration fee. Early notification of professional learning opportunities.
  • Networking - Become a part of a “Professional Learning Network” that shares expertise, resources, and builds support for educators who take a leadership role in supporting professional learning.
  • Resources - Access resources, such as: models of professional learning; processes for facilitating and supporting change; professional literature; including information about the “Standards for Professional Learning” published by Learning Forward.
  • Research - Access current research on topics of interest to professional learning leaders including articles from Learning Forward.

Enhance your professional growth by participating in and contributing to strengthening professional development throughout Georgia.

Membership Options

You can join both the local Learning Forward Georgia and the national Learning Forward organization.

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