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One Day Visible Learning Institute

Featuring John Hattie

“Visible Learning means an enhanced role for teachers as they become evaluators of their own teaching. According to John Hattie Visible Learning and Teaching occurs when teachers see learning through the eyes of students and help them become their own teachers.”

Sponsored by Corwin Press and Learning Forward Georgia

February 7, 2015 @ Hyatt Regency Atlanta


During the Visible Learning Foundation Day Institute, participants will identify and discuss the most important messages from the Visible Learning research, learn about the five strands of Visible Learning, and know the difference between the influences that ‘do’ and ‘do not’ make a significant difference to student achievement. This Institute provides practical activities and take-away tools and is the first step of the Visible Learning Foundation Series that will help you become a Visible Learning School.  

Visible Learning is an in-depth school change model of professional learning and development based on the research of Professor John Hattie. Through the lens of Visible Learning evidence, you will learn to systematically examine effective instructional practice in order to determine the “impact” on student achievement and learning. By considering the effects of the practices of teachers and leaders, schools will be able to make substantial gains in student achievement.

Research Scope

John Hattie’s work is based on his meta-analysis of more than 1,000 research reviews comprising more than 50,000 studies involving more than 250 million students around the world. Hattie found that the #1 most effective method

for improving achievement was by giving students 100% visibility into what they are learning and why.

Who should attend the Visible Learning Institute?

Cross-Functional Leadership Teams comprised of district and school-based leaders that will be leading the Visible Learning work in your organization. This may include:

  • Superintendents
  • Assistant Superintendents
  • District Office Administrators
  • School Principals
  • Assistant Principals
  • Curriculum & Instruction Directors
  • Department Chairs
  • Teacher Leaders
  • Teachers
  • Instructional Coaches

During this Institute, participants will learn:

  • The key philosophy of Visible Learning and the major factors that influence student learning and achievement
  • The importance of effect sizes as a useful way to measure progress
  • The key characteristics of assessment capable learners (students who can answer: Where am I going? How am I going? Where to next?)
  • The mind frames leaders need to have in order to impact student achievement and instruction
  • The role of feedback
  • The importance of learning intentions and success criteria
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