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Annual LFGA Fall Conference

Day 1Now that the State's Professional Learning (PL) Rule has changed, how does that impact my certification and how can I plan for job-embedded PL?  

Many of you heard from the GaDOE and GaPSC in June 2015 with preliminary updates of how the changes in the PL Rule will impact Georgia Educators. We ended our day with an introduction from of strategies that would support these changes in our schools and districts from Fred Brown, International Learning Forward Presenter. We are excited to share that we will get additional updates from the state to provide clarity around the changes and Fred Brown is returning to dig deeper and provide targeted strategies in support of the expectations that have been set for educators around job-embedded professional learning due to the changes in the PL Rule. 

Day 2: How can I get the most impact from the Georgia Milestone Assessment Results (lagging indicators) and from formative assessments (leading indicators)?  

In February 2015, John Hattie engaged us on the results of his meta-analysis study on those actions we take as educators that get the highest impact towards enhancing student achievement results. One of the actions that provides the greatest leverage is providing Feedback. We have invited National Visible Learning Certified facilitators to engage us in a full day of learning how to use this strategy in our classrooms. With the GA Milestones results coming back soon, these strategies will be timely. During this day, we will be guided towards an understanding and application of how these results align to John Hattie's path of making sure students grow from Assessment Results by answering these critical questions: "Where am I going (What Standards were Assessed), How am I going (Milestones Results and how they are linked to Standards/Domain) and Where to Next (What is the Feedback that students will Need to Address any GAPS in Learning?). This is a "hold harmless" year to take the results from the Milestones Assessment and determine the best way to use them to impact future student learning. The strategies learned in this session will impact the way teachers use assessment results from Summative Assessments like the GA Milestones and Formative Assessments that they create daily for students in their classrooms. 

*** As a bonus on the afternoon of Day 1, we will also provide a session for Instructional Coaches that highlight strategies provided through Jim Knight's Training Series, a session on the Foundations of Visible Learning if you missed John Hattie in February 2015 and an opportunity to develop a school or district Professional Learning Plan with guidance from Fred Brown.


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